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JetBrains Academy: New Projects, New Learners’ Stories, New Offer

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In today’s educational digest, we want to share some news and updates from JetBrains Academy, a hands-on platform for learning to program.

We’ve added a lot of new projects

We’re constantly adding new content to JetBrains Academy, and here is a list of new projects that we have added recently:

Java Projects:

Python Projects:

Kotlin Projects:

Web Project:

Go ahead, select the project you’re interested in and enjoy the thrill of developing your own working application! Please note that the Kotlin and Web Development tracks are currently only in beta.

If you have any questions or comments, please email them to us at, fill out this form, or write to us on Twitter (@JetBrains_Edu). We really appreciate your feedback!

And one more important thing we want to say is:

We are extremely proud of how our learners are doing!

Currently, JetBrains Academy has a community of over 235,000 people who are passionate about learning and improving. And we are so happy to see their achievements and progress toward becoming better software developers and filling the gaps in their knowledge. Here are just some examples posted on Twitter that mention us via @JetBrains_Edu or using #JetBrainsAcademy hashtag:

We’re enormously grateful for all the feedback that we receive from you through our different channels. We take it all on board and do our best with this feedback to improve the JetBrains Academy platform and make the learning experience for our users more useful, clear, and fun!

And based on this feedback, we’ve also decided to prolong the current offer for our future learners until January 1, 2021. That is:

Register before January 1, 2021, and your monthly subscription fee will be reduced to $24.90 a month for the 12 months following the end of your trial period.

You can find more details on our website. Please feel free to comment below or write to us on Reddit or Twitter.

Virtually yours,
JetBrains Academy team.

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