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JetBrains Academy: New Projects and Topics in August

Now that the summer is officially over, we want to share with you our August updates along with the content highlights of this season! It was a very productive time for us. All in all, we created 11 new projects, produced more than 100 topics, and released 8 projects from beta. The summer headliner at JetBrains Academy became the long-awaited Go content! If you wondered what programming in Go is like, check out the Coffee Machine (Beta) and Obscene Vocabulary Checker (Beta) projects.

Our Python learners will be glad to find out that we also released our Django track! Now you can learn the most popular full-stack framework for Python while working on creative projects, like an online news web application or a program that manages the queue at a car service center!

If you learn Java, check out 5 new tracks tailored to your proficiency level and goals! These new tracks can help you gradually expand your knowledge and improve in the areas that interest you — algorithms, web applications, backend development, and more.

The last, but certainly not least important highlight is the release of our new Kotlin Basics track, which is free of charge for our individual learners! It provides all the Kotlin essentials to give you a feel for this programming language as you build fully functional applications.

We hope this news will give you as much energy and inspiration to learn programming as it gives our team to produce interesting and useful content! Now, without further ado, let me share what we worked on in August:

What’s new in Java

New topics on Spring Boot: Spring beans, @Bean vs @Component, Scheduling, Authorization

What’s new in Python

New project: Classification of Handwritten Digits (Beta)
Project released from Beta: Data Analysis for Hospitals
New topics: SQL Alchemy querying and filtering, Regexps in programs, Glob module

What’s new in Kotlin

New project: Connect Four (Beta)
Projects released from Beta: Zookeeper, Pawns-Only Chess, Steganography and Cryptography
New topics: File hierarchies, Regexps in use, Creating custom exceptions, Introduction to generic programming, Lazy initialization, Nested and inner classes, For loop and lists, Multi-dimensional list, Mutable list, Work with mutable lists

What’s new in Kotlin, Android

Project released from Beta: Stopwatch with Productivity Timer
New topics: ViewPager2, Layout editor, build.gradle files

What’s new in Frontend

Project released from Beta: Case Converter
New topics: Fonts and Vertical-align (CSS)

What’s new in Go

New topics: Loops and Arrays

What’s new in Data Science

New topics: Training a model with sklearn, Linear regression in sklearn, Working with missing values, Sorting data in Pandas

What’s new in Math

New topics: Distances and functions in polar coordinate system, Introduction to polar coordinates, Norm of a vector, Discrete random variables

What’s new in Fundamentals

New topics: 

Keep in mind that the beta projects are in the early stages of testing. We appreciate your feedback on such projects – it helps us improve and publicly release them sooner. In order to see beta projects at the platform, you need to have the beta testing feature enabled in your profile settings.

Should you have any questions or would like to share feedback, feel free to leave a comment below, contact us at, or share your post on Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit.

Keep learning,
Your JetBrains Academy team

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