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Introducing the Free Plan at JetBrains Academy

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Today we are delighted to introduce our new Free plan at JetBrains Academy! It is completely free of charge for individual learners and doesn’t require starting a trial or a subscription. No payment information is required either! The Free plan provides full access to all the free tracks at JetBrains Academy, such as Kotlin Basics and Frontend Developer. So if you’ve ever wondered what programming is like, this plan provides a great opportunity to start finding out.


As a newly registered user at JetBrains Academy, when you choose a free track, you will be asked whether you wish to enroll to the Free plan. Once you do, you’ll have unlimited access to our free tracks and you will be able to take advantage of all of the platform’s features. If you decide to later give a subscription track a try, you’ll need to enroll with the Personal plan. It grants you access to both free and subscription tracks at JetBrains Academy.

Starting the Personal plan for the first time will activate your 7-day free trial, so you can get a feel for the track before purchasing a subscription.

If you are already learning at JetBrains Academy using a free trial, you’ll need to enroll in either the Free or Personal plan after your trial period is over. To do that, go to the Subscription page and click Change plan. Note that if the plan is changed while the trial is still active, what remains of the trial period will be discarded.

If you have an active subscription to JetBrains Academy, you are already assigned to the Personal plan and do not need to make any changes.

If your organization is willing to pay for your subscription, the best choice for you may be to go with the Organizational plan. For more information, check out JetBrains Academy for Organizations.

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