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Hour of Code: Top 5 Python Projects

The Hour of Code starts today! As announced earlier, during this week, we’ll share a series of blog posts highlighting the most popular projects on JetBrains Academy and challenge you to solve coding problems every day. To check out the full lineup of upcoming blog posts and find out how you can win a 25% discount for your next purchase on JetBrains Academy, see Join Us for Hour of Code at JetBrains Academy.

According to the PYPL index, Python has been the most searched programming language in the world for the last 3 years. Python is also included in the TOP-5 most in-demand programming languages in 2022 (as per the 2022 Stackoverflow Developer Survey and developer jobs aggregator Devjobsscanner). It is hardly surprising, since Python is an extremely versatile language with a huge range of applications. Whether you are a software or web developer, data analyst, machine learning engineer, or data scientist – you will probably find that Python is essential to your career.

This year, more than 30,000 students started their Python learning journey with us! Just imagine how many submitted answers, completed topics, and created projects that makes. So, today we’d like to share with you the most popular Python projects on JetBrains Academy.

Zookeeper (Easy)


If you are just starting out and looking for a beginner-friendly project to dip your toes in Python, this project will be a perfect choice for you. In Zookeeper, you need to help a local zoo monitor the condition of animals that live there. In the process, you will understand the basics of Python syntax, find out more about variables and different data storage types, and learn to work with while loops.

Simple Chatty Bot (Easy)


With the development of AI, people will probably never have to feel lonely in the future! We’ve already seen online videos of AI programs talking to each other, and we are familiar with companion bots popping up in all kinds of apps. So, would you like to create a simple chatty friend for yourself? You will be able to give it a name and teach it to play some word and number games to pass time. You will get to know the basic Python syntax and learn to work with variables, conditions, loops, and functions.

Hangman (Challenging)


While we are on the topic of entertainment, how about you try your hand at playing a hangman game? The rules are simple: the computer will think of a word, and you will have to guess it letter by letter. If you fail, you will be “hanged”, and if you win, you will survive. With functions, loops, lists, and different types of variables, this is a great project to test your knowledge of Python fundamentals. Furthermore, you will learn to work with the random module to make every game truly unique.

Loan Calculator (Medium)


Whether you are just saving up for something or considering taking a loan, sooner or later, everyone has to face personal finance management. With this project, you will be able to make informed decisions based on different financial parameters. You will practice using math and Python in everyday tasks, work with third-party libraries and modules, learn to use a command line interface (CLI), and get familiar with a variety of financial instruments.

Simple Tic-Tac-Toe (Medium)


If math and finances seem too boring, making games is also a very valid way to learn Python. You probably remember the tic-tac-toe game from your childhood, but if not, the rules are very easy to learn. Taking turns, you and your opponent need to put Xs and Os on a three-by-three field. The first one to fill three cells in a straight line wins. With this project, you’ll practice planning and developing complex programs from scratch, work with functions and nested lists, and learn to handle errors and process user input.

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Happy Hour of Code!
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