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The New Vision for JetBrains Academy

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Our educational journey began in 2014, when JetBrains debuted PyCharm Edu, our first product for students and teachers. By 2016 we were ready to go beyond Python and expanded into Java and Kotlin. Soon enough, we realized we didn’t want to limit ourselves to just interactive IDE courses. We partnered with Hyperskill in 2019 to bring you project-based learning, and that’s how JetBrains Academy was born.

You know JetBrains Academy as the learning platform operated in collaboration with Hyperskill. But when we chose this name in 2019, we thought of JetBrains Academy as more of an umbrella concept. We envisioned a place where we could share our drive to make a dent in this world with educators and lifelong learners worldwide. This vision shifted as we needed to narrow our focus down to the early product phases. We never stopped developing our EduTools plugin, and we’ve launched multiple educational courses on JetBrains Marketplace over the years. Now that, more than a million passionate learners and educators worldwide use our educational products in one way or another, it’s time to bring this more comprehensive JetBrains Academy back and unite all our educational products, programs, and efforts under one brand.

Please welcome the new JetBrains Academy – a place for learning and teaching computer science your way!

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What JetBrains Academy offers

Project-based learning with JetBrains Academy on Hyperskill

JetBrains and Hyperskill will continue working together. Hyperskill believes in project-based learning, active learning, and extensive practical exercises. These principles correlate with JetBrains Academy’s values, so it’s no wonder that we host our content on the platform and augment it with our learning-in-the-IDE approach. While most of the learning process takes place online on Hyperskill, some parts of the practice are accessible only in JetBrains IDEs.

Our partnership with Hyperskill enables you to learn computer science by creating real-world applications. With no prior experience in programming, you can start developing games, chatbots, algorithms, or even neural networks. The more projects you work on, the stronger your developer portfolio gets, and the more prepared you become for a job interview and a career in computer science. As an educator, you can use JetBrains Academy’s learning materials to keep up with the constantly changing technologies.

What has changed?

On the Hyperskill platform, JetBrains Academy will now focus on being a content provider, while Hyperskill will evolve and become a learning platform with its branding, subscription plans, and more content from other providers in the future. At the same time, JetBrains Academy will expand its brand to include other learning and teaching approaches in addition to the project-based approach.

I have a subscription to JetBrains Academy. How will these changes affect me?

The changes will not affect your Hyperskill account, access to JetBrains Academy content, or your learning progress. Your subscription plan will also remain active and won’t be changed. With your current subscription, you will keep access to all the content available on Hyperskill, regardless of the content provider. You can also expect more learning content from other providers in the future.

You can manage your subscription on the Hyperskill subscription page the same way you’ve been doing so far.

Will this affect prices?

The pricing remains the same for now. Hyperskill offers both personal and organizational subscription plans that give you full access to all the platform content, including the content provided by JetBrains Academy. You can also expect more subscription plans to become available on Hyperskill in the future.

Learn more about the pricing.

JetBrains Academy interactive courses right inside IDEs

For learners

With JetBrains Academy, students can take guided programming courses right inside JetBrains IDEs. You can choose between JetBrains courses and those from other educators. The added benefit of this is that learning right in an integrated development environment immerses you in the daily routine of professional developers and thus prepares you for the challenges of your future career.

Choose an interactive IDE course on JetBrains Marketplace and start learning.

For educators

JetBrains Academy can help complement your school classes or corporate teaching, or it can be a standalone solution to base your online education efforts on. With its course creation functionality available through JetBrains IDEs, you can share your programming knowledge by using the professional development tools you already know. You can share the courses you create, either privately with your students or publicly on JetBrains Marketplace. Once your course is published on Marketplace, you will be able to view its statistics, manage information about the course, and check its ratings and reviews.

Create and share your interactive course.

JetBrains Academy university programs

If you prefer studying offline, in a classroom setting with your peers, and learning directly from industry experts, you’ll be happy to know that JetBrains Academy now offers Data Science and Software Development programs at Constructor University in Bremen, Germany. In particular, our Bachelor program provides 3 tracks – Programming Languages, Software Engineering, and Machine Learning. A Master program is currently being developed as well. We are also working to partner with other universities, so you can expect more academic programs to come to JetBrains Academy in the future.

Apply to the program.

What’s next

We’re immensely grateful to you for being a part of our journey! You are the reason we’re here today and continue to move forward. We hope our new vision for JetBrains Academy will help you find your path to learning or teaching computer science and help you enjoy the process even more.

We’re eager to enhance JetBrains Academy with more educational approaches and tools, so that it inspires you in even more ways and becomes your preferred place for learning and teaching computer science. With the main focus on learning-by-doing, we want JetBrains Academy to integrate with third-party learning platforms and to enrich the learning and teaching experience with professional tools and computer science expertise. We hope that these steps will help JetBrains Academy become an even more valuable educational resource for individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and the whole computer science community.

We love hearing from you! Please share your feedback or ask questions in the comments section below. You can also tag us on Twitter or Facebook.

Your JetBrains Academy team

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