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JetBrains Academy’s New Projects and Topics: September Update

September is a month of change and excitement, and we’re here to make it even more inviting with our latest updates. Our team has prepared four new Python projects and more than 90 new educational topics.

Let’s look at these updates in more detail.


🆕 Project: Rhythm Store (Beta). Medium.

In this project, you will learn the basics of SQL, testing your skills with complex queries using an e-commerce database: tracking orders, products, employees, and other vital data. If you love to deal with complex databases, this project is for you.

🆕 Project: Text-Based Adventure Game (Beta). Hard.

Explore the history of gaming!
Back in the day, video games – like Colossal Cave Adventure –  were mostly text-based adventures with no fancy graphics. In this project, you’ll get to make a text-based game with your own story, learning how to utilize “if” statements, array lists, dictionaries, and loops. You will also learn the basics of file handling.

🆕 Project: House Classification (Beta). Hard.

Welcome to our Amsterdam real estate challenge, in which you’ll predict house prices using machine learning with loads of categorical data. Learn how to use different data encoders and dive into master data manipulation and decision tree algorithms, the key to unlocking the secrets of Amsterdam’s housing market!

🆕 Project: Bike Shop. Challenging.

You’ll create a web application for a bike shop that allows customers to customize their bikes and checks whether the necessary parts are in stock. In this project, you will learn about general Django concepts and master Django ORM (object-relational mapping). As a result, you’ll create an application with separate pages for each object in a database – bikes, in this case.  Ready for a ride? Let’s go!

🆕 Topics: 

Furthermore, we’ve released the Random Forest from Scratch, Databases for Sales, and Nobel Laureates projects from Beta with improved features and functionality for learners.


🆕 Topics: 

Additionally, the JSON Database project was released from Beta.


🆕 Topics: For loop statement, If/else conditional statement, Jump statements, Switch conditional statement, While loop statement, Functions, Overloaded functions, Parameters and arguments in functions, Return in functions, Arithmetic operators, Comparison operators, Increment and decrement operators, Logical operators, Operator precedence and associativity rules


🆕 Topics: Greedy algorithms, Convert text input, Introduction to HashSet


🆕 Topic: CRUD operations – update


🆕 Topics: 

Additionally, the URL Shortener project was released from Beta.

System administration and DevOps

🆕 Topics: Expressions, Multiple stage building, Running a pod with a simple application, Utilization of resources in a pod


🆕 Topic: Probabilities as frequencies

Projects marked as Beta are still in the early stages of testing. If you’re interested in checking out Beta projects on the platform, make sure the Beta-tester feature is enabled in your profile settings.

That’s it for this month! 

We hope that you find these updates valuable and that they will enhance your learning experience. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at, or share your thoughts with us on Twitter or Facebook.

Happy learning!
Your JetBrains Academy team

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