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Triumph for Constructor University Teams Trained by JetBrains at NWERC 2023

Teams from the Constructor University in Bremen, trained by JetBrains expert Niyaz Nigmatullin, a software engineer at JetBrains’ Applied Program Analysis Lab and ICPC World Champion in 2012 and 2013, showcased their exceptional programming skills at the Northwestern European Regional Contest (NWERC) 2023.

Constructor University teams with their coach
Constructor University teams with their coach

All three teams reached the top 15 out of a total of 150 contest participants. The best result came from the “destructor college” team, who secured an impressive sixth place to win a silver medal. This achievement earned them a coveted spot at the European Championship in Prague, which is scheduled for late March 2024. The European Championship in Prague will be where teams face off to secure a coveted ticket to the final round of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) in 2024. The team outperformed competitors from other institutions, including Delft University, Utrecht University, Aalto University, The University of Bergen, Imperial College London, and many others. NWERC is considered Europe’s most formidable semifinal, bringing together participants from countries like the UK, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, and Norway, among others.

Meanwhile, “Team dedebuilding” from Constructor University clinched the bronze medal with a twelfth-place finish. Another team from Constructor University, “Bim Bim Bam Bam”, secured a commendable fourteenth place. The members of those teams study in a program run by Constructor University in partnership with JetBrains.

Find out more about the BSc Software, Data and Technology program by Constructor University designed with JetBrains.

The top three teams at this year’s NWERC had already secured their spot at the ICPC Finals in 2024. These are “New Jeans” from Oxford University, “<(OvO)>” from Saarland University, and “Kindergarten Timelimit” from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Remarkably, two of these teams had undergone rigorous training at the Pafos Programming Camp 2023 at Neapolis University Pafos, guided by JetBrains mentors and previous ICPC World Champions Niyaz Nigmatullin and Pavel Mavrin.

In a surprising turn of events, coaches from JetBrains decided to challenge themselves by independently solving the contest’s mirror version. Despite not contributing to the official standings, Niyaz and Pavel’s performance was the best in the contest.

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