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JetBrains Academy’s Course Catalog: A Hub for Learning Technical Skills

At JetBrains Academy, we aim to go beyond programming courses. That’s why we offer a 360-degree computer science learning experience. Over a million of our students study using our project-based approach, proving its effectiveness when it comes to learning technical skills. What’s more, we incorporate JetBrains IDEs – the daily tools of professional developers – right into the learning process. This helps ease the learning curve when starting a new job.

To get the best of the project-based and in-IDE learning worlds, we’ve been working closely with Hyperskill and JetBrains IDEs. As these approaches are meant to be used together, it’s time that we brought them under one JetBrains Academy banner.

With this in mind, our team has prepared a special holiday treat – a course catalog with an easy-to-remember name, It unifies JetBrains Academy’s learning materials into one central hub for anyone eager to learn computer science and gain new skills in tech.

If you’re not sure where to begin or what skills you want to learn next, this catalog is a great place to start. You can select a specific subject or language from the left-side panel or dive straight into our most popular content from the main page.

You’ll notice that all courses are marked with either In-IDE learning or Hyperskill tags. So, what’s the difference?

In-IDE learning

🚀 Learn with the tools developers use everyday

In-IDE courses by JetBrains Academy and third-party authors take a unique approach to computer science education. It’s all about getting hands-on with coding in integrated development environments (IDEs). These courses are exclusively designed for IDEs, emphasizing practical and real-world coding scenarios. These courses are free of charge, and, as a student, you can get a free license to any JetBrains IDE!

To get started with JetBrains Academy’s in-IDE courses, check out this quick video tutorial from our technical content guru, Clara Maine.


⭐️ Project-based learning in your browser and IDE

Hyperskill is our number one platform partner. Together, we provide a flexible approach to project-based learning where you can seamlessly transition between a browser and an IDE while learning programming. Regardless of your experience in programming, this dynamic learning environment helps you put your newly acquired knowledge into practice right away.

What our students like most is the synergy between these two approaches. Right from the IDE, you can get access to our content. By blending IDE-centric and project-based learning approaches, our students have already found their dream job, started working on their own life-changing projects, and more.

Dive in and explore the world of computer science – we hope the next success story we hear is yours!

Meet a developer behind our course catalog

Tatiana Stepanova, Frontend Developer at JetBrains Academy

I’m really excited for you to try our course catalog! We built it using React, Typescript, and Next.js to provide simple yet powerful functionality which brought our many ideas to life. A JetBrains website style component library and modern, proven tools help me quickly develop responsive interfaces and test hypotheses. If you’d like to create your own interactive website, I can’t recommend our frontend courses enough!

Happy learning!
Your JetBrains Academy team

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