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CSAI Program and JetBrains Scholarship at Neapolis University Pafos

Join us on March 19, 2024, at 3:00 pm CET (2:00 pm UTC) for a livestream where we’ll introduce you to the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence program team. Don’t miss this chance to ask questions about the admission process and find out how you can apply for a JetBrains scholarship.

Meet our guests: 

  • Alexander S. Kulikov, DSc, Head of the Laboratory of Algorithms and Complexity Theory at JetBrains Research, Lecturer at Neapolis University Pafos (Discrete Mathematics)
  • Pavel Mavrin, ICPC World Champion 2004, Tutor and Researcher at JetBrains, Lecturer at Neapolis University Pafos (Algorithms: Basic Toolbox)
  • Alexandr Avdiushenko, Ph.D. in Math Modeling, Project Manager for the JetBrains Education and Research team, Lecturer at Neapolis University Pafos
  • Natalia Kitaeva, Program Coordinator, JetBrains Academy

During the livestream, you will learn more about the CSAI program structure and course curriculum, discover how admission at Neapolis University Pafos and scholarship selection work, and gain firsthand insights from our faculty. We will also discuss our approach to hands-on learning and how it prepares students for real-world challenges.

Don’t forget to register for the event to receive the livestream link and get the chance to ask your questions directly to the program’s team.

Please note that the program is still in the process of accreditation.

For more details, visit the CSAI program page.

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