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Dive Into the World of Coding With the Algorithm and Code Training School 2024

Calling all high school students with a knack for coding and a thirst for challenge! Mark April 20–23, 2024, in your calendars and join the Algorithm and Code Training School (ACTS) – an online camp designed by JetBrains Academy and Constructor University to hone your skills for national and international contests.


Every day at ACTS is a new journey, featuring a five-hour virtual contest that follows International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) regulations. By delving into contest analysis with experts from JetBrains, you’ll learn a lot about algorithms and problem solving, boosting your coding skills and becoming a better competitive programmer in the process.

Crafted with our participants in mind, our curriculum is adaptable to match the skill levels of our participants. This means you’re guaranteed to face challenges that push your limits and enhance your coding prowess.

Get ready to:

  • Learn directly from recent world champions in competitive programming, including Pavel Mavrin, ICPC World Champion 2004, IOI 2002 Silver Medalist, and  JetBrains Academy Instructor; and Niyaz Nigmatullin, ICPC World Champion 2012 and 2013, coach of the Neapolis University Pafos and Constructor University ICPC teams, and researcher at JetBrains.
  • Get a chance to land an invitation to our on-site summer camp in 2024!

How to join

  • Register before 11:59 pm CET, April 6, 2024.
  • Ace the entrance contest: Show us what you’ve got between April 1 and April 7.
  • Get invited: Stand out in the entrance contest and secure your spot at the ACTS Online Camp.
  • Connect on Discord: This is where all the magic happens – everything from communication, learning, and fun.
  • Enjoy and learn: Get ready for a set of engaging contests and insightful lectures.

Register for the ACTS Online Camp 2024 and discover the secrets of coding excellence!

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