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GoLand 2018.1 EAP 3: Move Refactoring, Better Test Runner, Go Build, QuickDoc, and More

Great news everyone! A fresh GoLand 2018.1 EAP build is here with lots of goodies inside. Read on to learn what’s in there or go ahead and download the EAP build to try it for yourself.

Thanks to the new -json option introduced in Go 1.10 for go test, the update is able to represent the results of the tests better. Now it supports the hierarchy of tests and correctly attributes the output and compilation errors to individual tests and packages:

With the updated Go Build run configuration now you can select and run multiple files (GO-555). You can either select the files in the run configuration dialog using the Plus button next to the Files field, or select the files in the Project tool window and then choose Run from the context menu:

The Quick Documentation action is now aware of example functions and includes them as part of the documentation (GO-2000):

The family of available refactorings for Go is extended with Move (GO-4088). This refactoring allows you to move any top-level member to another file:

The Undo action when used along with File Watchers, doesn’t offer to undo Reload from Disk anymore (GO-4726). Instead, it simply undoes the latest change, including the change made by File Watchers.

Last but not least, the Auto Import has been made smarter and prevents you from adding undesired import statements (GO-5118).

That’s it for now. For a complete list of changes, please refer to the release notes. Please give the new EAP build a try and share your feedback with us in our issue tracker.

If you’d like to make your life easier and automate managing updates, please consider installing Toolbox App.

Happy developing!

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