GoLand Releases

GoLand 2020.2.3 Is Here!

Time to update! GoLand 2020.2.3 is out with lots of bug fixes and new features.

You can update to 2020.2.3 by:

  • Downloading it from the website.
  • Updating via the Toolbox App.
  • Applying a patch on top of 2020.2.2 or 2020.1.4 (go to Help | Check for Updates).
  • Or using a snap package (for Ubuntu).

Here are main highlights of this version:

GO-9777 — Now when you share your code in the Go Playground, GoLand asks for confirmation before sharing it. GoLand also displays a notification with the playground URL and gives you the ability to copy it to your clipboard.

GO-9821 — A Go fmt option is available in Preferences/Settings | Version Control | Commit to be configured for new projects.

GO-9694 — Easily filter results of Find Usages by references in comments using new dedicated button Show Usages in Comments.

GO-9849 — We’ve fixed the problem which causes duplication of run configurations instead of reusing them.

GO-6493 — We’ve fixed the problem causing the last test in the queue to always fail.

IDEA-247817 — The Windows Defender might impact performance warning no longer appears every time a project is opened and is now working as expected.

IDEA-248658 — For remotes with github.com, the GitHub account is used as normal.

To go through all the fixes, please read the release notes.

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