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GoLand Releases

GoLand 2020.3.2 Is Out!

GoLand 2020.3.2 is out and it comes with various bug fixes. Please see the main highlights below. If you want to learn about it in more detail, please check out the release notes.

You can update to 2020.3.2 by:

  • Downloading it from the website.
  • Updating via the Toolbox App.
  • Applying a patch on top of 2020.3.1 or 2020.2.4 (go to Help | Check for Updates).
  • Or using a snap package (for Ubuntu).

GO-10235 — It’s now possible to use the debugger as normal on Macs with an M1 chip.

Please don’t forget to drop a path to the custom Delve build after upgrading to 2020.3.2 if you’ve previously configured it. This way you will get an updated Delve with every new version of the IDE. To do this:

  • Run the ‘Edit Custom Properties’ action
  • Drop the the dlv.path=/path/to/delve/binary line
  • Restart the IDE.

JBR-2981, JBR-2999, JBR-2991 — In addition to the fix above regarding M1, we’ve fixed some shortcut issues and a JCEF issue related to the rendering of *.md files.

JBR-2893 — It is now possible to open projects as tabs on macOS Big Sur.

GO-10323 — GoLand 2020.3.2 provides highlighting, code completion, and bracket matching for the retract directive in go.mod files, which is coming with the updated version of Go 1.16.

GO-9552 — Vendored dependencies of Go modules are no longer shown in External Libraries. In addition, we’ve reworked reference resolution around vendoring, so it mirrors the behavior of Go.

We love hearing from you! Please comment here or send us a message on Twitter, and don’t forget to report any issues you find to our bug tracker.

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