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New day, new features, new nightly build of GoLand IDE

Did you know that you can use nightly builds during the Early Access Program (EAP) to try the newest features without waiting for the official announcement?

If you are a newcomer, please visit this page to learn more about the EAP and nightly builds in detail.

These builds are only available via the Toolbox App and are released every day. They often do not meet the quality standards for official EAP builds and they don’t come with release notes or blog posts. Like EAP builds, they expire within 30 days of being released and do not require a subscription to use.

Starting today, nightly builds will be available all the time to let you be at the forefront of technology and try out the latest changes before they’re released.

However, there are a few exceptions:

  • Nightly builds are a free feature under the Early Access Program but otherwise require an active GoLand subscription.
  • Nightly builds aren’t tested at all.

To make this journey even more captivating, we are working on branded merchandise to say thank you to our brave users who help us make GoLand better by sharing their product experience, feedback, and suggestions with us. The most active contributors will get a free 1-year individual GoLand subscription and special branded merchandise from our team!

You may ask, “Who is the most active contributor?” Well, we believe that the most active contributors are those users who send us bug reports, help us investigate problems that they faced, submit feature requests, and provide their expertise on improving IDE functionality. And the more the better :)

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, on our Twitter, or in our bug-tracker.

The GoLand Team

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