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GoLand Releases

GoLand 2021.1.1 is out!

Time to update! GoLand 2021.1.1 is out with a bunch of bug fixes under the hood.

You can update to 2021.1.1 by:

  • Downloading it from the website.
  • Updating via the Toolbox App.
  • Applying a patch on top of 2021.1 or 2020.3.4 (go to Help | Check for Updates).
  • Using a snap package (for Ubuntu).

Here are main highlights of this version:

GO-10841 — We’ve fixed a problem with Run targets, which led to failed compilation when building non-root directories on WSL 2.

GO-9851 — We’ve improved the quality of the Redundant type conversion code inspection by fixing a certain number of bugs.

GO-10804 — The problem in the UI when the IDE showed the endless status Computing variable presentation in the progress bar when debugging has been fixed.

IDEA-264567, IDEA-265753 — a few bugs were fixed which caused shared indexes to work improperly. The aim is to make processes perform in the background more quickly and intelligently.

That’s all for today! To go through all the fixes, please read the release notes.

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