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What’s Next: GoLand 2022.2 Roadmap

Last week we released GoLand 2022.1. The first major update brings support for generics and Go workspaces and new features for working with microservices, such as the ability to see all endpoints in a dedicated tool window and to generate HTTP requests right from your Go files. 

Learn more on our What’s New page, where you’ll find a full overview of the release along with GIFs and screenshots. If you prefer a more interactive approach to learning about these new GoLand features, feel free to complete the What’s New in GoLand 2022.1 tutorial on the Welcome screen. 

Last but not least, GoLand incorporates all the features delivered in DataGrip 2022.1 and WebStorm 2022.1.

Thank you note to the most active users

We reward the most active evaluators during each Early Access Program. These are the users who helped us make GoLand better by sharing their experience, feedback, and suggestions with us. 

We truly appreciate your time and efforts. We will contact you shortly to send you a 1-year GoLand subscription and a branded T-shirt. Thank you! 

GoLand 2022.2 | What’s next? 

Please note: We can’t guarantee that all of the features listed below will be included in GoLand 2022.2.

We’ll continue striving to improve your experience with generics support by polishing existing functions and adding new ones. We plan to significantly improve working with SQL injections and enhance Go modules support. 

Check out the details below. 


We will add support for Implement interface refactoring to correctly generate interface methods with type parameters.

— A bunch of code inspections will be added to warn you about the following:

  • Incorrect usage of a generic type without instantiation.
  • Incorrect usage of a type parameter as a constraint in type parameter definition.
  • Recursive constraints.
  • Unused type parameters (declaration site). 
  • Unused type arguments (call site).
  • Type argument and type parameters count mismatch.

— GoLand will automatically insert [] before () if type inference does not succeed and types cannot be omitted. 

Improvements for SQL injections

We’re planning to add a diverse set of improvements to SQL injections, including implementing Language Injection for an interface and its methods and adding IDE suggestions with a list of available SQL drivers and how to connect databases to them. 


We already had this feature in our plans for GoLand 2022.1, but now we’ve reprioritized it. The upcoming version will have the ability to run fuzzing right inside the IDE. If you are curious about what fuzzing is, check out this blog post by the Go team.

Go modules

— go.work file will receive syntax highlighting and the ability to navigate to modules. 

Sync Go Module and Sync dependencies quick-fixes will be revised. 


— We will add support for go:linkname directives and unix build constraint of Go 1.19. 

If you’d like to report a bug or suggest a feature, we are always happy to hear from you! Send us your feature requests via the bug tracker or tweet us @GoLandIDE

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