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Customer Stories: Startupy

Hello everyone, 

We are continuing to celebrate GoLand’s 5th anniversary, and today we’ll talk about the most meaningful part of our job – you! Today is a day for customer stories!

Before we start, a small gift designed especially for you is hidden inside GoLand! All you need to do is type “Happy B-day, GoLand!” in GoLand 2022.3, GoLand 2022.3.1, or GoLand 2022.2.5 and see what happens! Just a small spoiler – don’t be afraid to share your score on social media and don’t forget to use the #WonderGoLand hashtag to compete with others.

Now to the story! Meet Dmitriy Slipak, a digital architect and software engineer with over 20 years in the industry. Dmitry has used many technologies and programming languages during his career, and in recent years he mostly worked as a full-stack engineer. Dmitry is one of the founders of a startup company called Startupy based in New York, where he is working as developer lead and CTO.

Startupy is a platform where entrepreneurs can realize their ideas based on an existing budget and timeframe, while developers can find and start working on projects based on their technology skill set or many other criteria.

Startupy uses PostgreSQL for data storage, Vue.js for frontend development, and all of the services that power the backend for the platform are written in Go.

Dmitry started using Go a long time ago, so it was a natural choice to use it in Startupy. The same is true for GoLand, because Dmitry has been using JetBrains IDE since the very beginning, more than five years ago!

“I used a few text editors with Go-plugins until GoLand came out. I think it was actually called Gogland in the beginning and then renamed to GoLand. GoLand was an obvious choice for my future development process as an all-in-one tool to develop and manage your code base. Last but not least, the switch from the tools I used previously to the new IDE was smooth and easy.”

Dmitry was most impressed by GoLand’s powerful debugger, linter, and Git repository management. 

We asked Dmitry about the key benefits of GoLand:

“When you work with a large code base you need a toolbox that allows you to feel as comfortable as in a swimming pool, but in the ocean. GoLand is such a toolbox with an unbeatable set of features. Today GoLand is part of our success and continues to be one of the main tools we use at Startupy.”

Dmitry said that he would highly recommend GoLand for teams of any size as well as for projects of any size. He mentioned that collaboration tools added to GoLand in recent years are a huge benefit and that blog posts are a good source for finding new features in GoLand.

Thank you to Dmitry for his kind words! Readers, don’t miss our blog posts to learn something new.

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