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GoLand 2023.2 Is Available!

GoLand 2023.2 offers improved integration with Go modules, refactorings for migrating function parameters to method receivers and vice versa, and support for errors.Is and errors.As.

In this version, you’ll find the new AI Assistant plugin (limited access), GitLab integration, and the Kafka plugin.

There are also improvements to Docker integration and the Kubernetes plugin, as well as support for the LSP API for plugin developers.

Below you’ll find an overview of the new features. To learn more about the new additions and improvements in GoLand 2023.2, head over to our What’s New page, where you’ll find a full overview of the release along with helpful GIFs and screenshots.

Download GoLand 2023.2

Go modules

  • We’ve implemented the ability to download Go modules automatically on project open and after each change to the go.mod file.
  • We’ve added several intention actions and inspections to help you update dependencies in go.mod files faster.
  • You can now disable vendoring in a project by project basis.


GoLand offers two new refactorings: Migrate function parameter to method receiver and Migrate method receiver to function parameter.

Support for errors.Is and errors.As

We’ve implemented two inspections that will highlight the cases where errors.Is or errors.As should be used. There are also quick-fixes that will help you refactor the existing code to errors.Is or errors.As usages.

Support for min, max, and clear

GoLand 2023.2 provides basic support for min, max, and clear – new functions introduced in Go 1.21.

Improvements for make

  • We’ve added type-aware code completion for make function invocations.
  • GoLand can now detect errors and redundant arguments in make functions.

AI Assistant Limited access

In this release, we’ve introduced a major addition to GoLand – AI Assistant. With the current starting set of AI-powered features, AI Assistant offers an integrated AI chat and can automatically write documentation comments for you, suggest names, generate commit messages, and more. For more information on AI Assistant and instructions on how to access it, refer to this page.


  • It’s now easy to access and preview the contents of a Docker image layer in the Services tool window.
  • It’s now possible to set a Docker run configuration to run before another configuration by designating it as a Before Launch task. 

Kubernetes plugin

  • We’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to set up multiple kubeconfig files within a single project.
  • You can now view logs for deployments in Kubernetes clusters in the Services tool window.


There’s a new command line tool for quickly building and uploading shared indexes.

Option to commit specific lines of code

You can now selectively commit specific parts of code chunks.

GitLab integration

GoLand 2023.2 introduces integration with GitLab to streamline your development workflow. You can now work with the Merge Requests functionality right from the IDE.

Kafka plugin

The new Kafka plugin lets you monitor your Kafka event streaming processes.

User experience

  • If you’re accustomed to the VS Code keymap, you can now choose it in the Customize section on the Welcome screen.
  • GoLand 2023.2 brings the long-awaited ability to arrange your files in the Project view based on their modification time.
  • To make managing multiple run configurations easier, we’ve implemented the option to pin preferred configurations in the Run widget.
  • We’ve expanded the customization options for the new UI’s main toolbar. You can now use a dropdown menu to quickly choose actions that you want to add to the toolbar.
  • On Windows/Linux, once you click on the menu icon, the elements now appear horizontally over the toolbar. Also, there’s now an option to turn this menu into a separate toolbar.
  • In the Project view, there’s a new Open Directories with Single Click option that makes expanding and collapsing the project folders quicker and more responsive.
  • Search Everywhere now includes text search capabilities similar to Find in Files

User interface

  • GoLand 2023.2 introduces colored headers to simplify navigation between multiple open projects. You can now assign a unique color and icon to each of your projects, making them easier to distinguish in your workspace.
  • We’ve refined the user experience with the Light theme by introducing the Light with Light Header alternative.
  • For the convenience of Linux users, the native operating system header has been removed in the new UI.

HTTP Client

  • HTTP Client is now capable of understanding Swagger and OpenAPI specifications and providing corresponding code completion options for JSON requests.
  • You can now share common JavaScript code for HTTP Client request handlers via imported modules.
  • You can now send gRPC requests over Transport Layer Security (TLS) in HTTP Client.

That’s it! Please tell us what you think about the new features! Leave your comments here, report any issues you encounter to our issue tracker, ping us on Twitter, or drop us a message in the Gophers Slack #goland channel.

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