Goland 2023.3 Beta Is Out!

Get the Beta build via the Toolbox App, from our website, by using a snap package (for Ubuntu), or right from inside GoLand by selecting Check IDE updates for: Early Access Program in Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Updates.


Download GoLand Beta

The Beta version provides all the new features and improvements from our current EAP cycle that are expected in the major 2023.3 release. Check out what’s new: 

  • Support for local Go installations with asdf. asdf is a CLI tool that lets you manage multiple language runtime versions. In response to feedback from the community, we’ve decided to include it in the upcoming version.
  • Custom message formatting for printf-like functions. This feature allows for the provision of hints and highlights for message formats in custom functions. 
  • Extract Parameter refactoring. The 2023.3 release comes with the first part of the highly anticipated Extract Parameter refactoring. The Create Parameter quick-fix for unresolved references allows you to select an unresolved reference and use the quick-fix option to create a parameter.
  • Create function quick-fix. This quick-fix allows you to type a non-existing function name and then generate implementation in a package of your choice. 
  • Switch generation for enums. GoLand can now assist in writing switch statements for enums. It suggests generating cases for all the values in completion.
  • Parameter hints for slice expressions. Slice expressions can be confusing, especially those with three indices. GoLand will now show you hints while you’re building slices.

  • Improved error handlers and code folding. In 2023.3, you’ll have more options to set up code folding for better readability. You can manage the folding options in Settings | Editor | General | Code folding.
  • Code coverage profiles for programs. This feature allows you to see exactly what code has been reached in single or multiple runs. It also helps detect dead code. 

Apart from the listed GoLand-specific functionality, you’ll find dozens of features implemented in IntelliJ IDEA and WebStorm and supported by GoLand. 

Here are some highlights: 

  • Extended Dev Containers support provides a convenient and fast way to integrate additional tools, runtimes, and libraries essential for development.
  • Kubernetes tooling with multiple enhancements available out of the box. 
  • You can now create public or private GitLab snippets directly within the IDE. 
  • The debugger now features the Run to Cursor inlay option.
  • The all-in-one diff viewer allows you to see all the modified files from a changeset in a single, scrollable frame instead of going through each file one by one.
  • The HTTP Client received several large improvements, including an enhanced Structure view, support for in-place variables, and OAuth 2.0 support.

That’s it for today!

We need your feedback to make new features even better. Share your thoughts on Twitter, leave your comments below, open an issue in our tracker, or drop us a message in the #goland-gophers Slack channel. 

Happy developing!

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