Goland 2024.1 Beta Is Out!

Get the Beta build via the Toolbox App, from our website, by using a snap package (for Ubuntu), or right from inside GoLand by selecting Check IDE updates for: Early Access Program in Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Updates.

Download GoLand 2024.1 Beta

The Beta version includes all of the new features and improvements from our current EAP cycle that are expected to appear in the upcoming 2024.1 release. In this post, we will focus on the most anticipated enhancements.

AI features  

Full line completion

GoLand 2024.1 comes with a new AI-powered completion feature that analyzes your project and suggests entire lines of code using a powerful deep learning model. It helps improve coding efficiency and is absolutely secure, working locally on your device without sending any data to external servers.

You can control this feature and specify the languages you’d like to get full line suggestions for in Settings | Editor | General | Code Completion | Machine Learning-Assisted Completion.

Cloud-based completion for structs and interfaces

In 2023.3, inline completion was introduced only for function and method blocks. In 2024.1, it will also be enabled for structure and interface declarations. When code completion offers a suggestion inside a type declaration, it takes the context of the usage into account along with the parent structure and references. This improves the relevance of AI-based suggestions.

Documentation generation for fields

GoLand now generates documentation for both whole types and fields where the caret is placed. To generate documentation, place the caret anywhere in a field definition and use the Write Documentation AI action. You can also start typing // before the field’s definition. Try it out!

Support for Go 1.22

Support for range for integers and functions

Go 1.22 brings the ability to easily iterate over integers and functions in a way that is more concise than using a classic for loop.

Vendoring support for Go workspaces

Vendoring gives you more control over the dependencies used in your project by allowing you to store them in the project repository. In Go 1.22, commands in workspaces can use a vendor directory containing the workspace’s dependencies. GoLand now supports this improvement.

Performance improvements

Improved indexing performance. Indexing is now ~30% faster. The final results will vary for every user depending on the specifics of their projects and hardware. Here is an example indexing Gin framework:

More highlighting while indexing

With this enhancement, highlighting now works for references as soon as the IDE starts up! Seeing is believing, so we invite you to take a look at these two examples. 

UX and technologies support

Data flow analysis update

Data flow analysis was introduced in GoLand 2023.3, and in 2024.1 Beta the feature is now polished enough to be turned on by default. GoLand’s DFA currently supports three inspections: Constant conditions detection, Potential nil dereference, and Error may be not nil. A blog post dedicated to this feature will be published in March 2024, so stay tuned!

New terminal

GoLand 2024.1 Beta comes with an overhauled terminal that incorporates both visual and functional enhancements to make terminal-based tasks simpler and more convenient. It offers a convenient history and easy navigation between blocks, command completion, and tips for every available command. 

The new Terminal tool window seamlessly integrates with the new UI, aligning it with the IDE’s refreshed look-and-feel, and it comes complete with a new color scheme that enhances readability. 

Another significant change is the command completion feature, which supports commands, paths, arguments, and options. 

You can switch between the old and new terminal in Settings | Tools | Terminal | Enable New Terminal. This feature is currently in the early access stage. You can find further details in this dedicated blog post.

Option to scale down the entire IDE

GoLand 2024.1 Beta brings the option to zoom out of the entire IDE. Initially the scaling range only included options between 100% and 200%. In GoLand 2024.1 Beta, you can also scale the IDE down to 90%, 80%, or 70%.

Updated product icons

The new version of GoLand will introduce new product icons that align with updates across all JetBrains IDEs, enhancing visual appeal and consistency across the ecosystem. Let us know what you think!

New GoLand 2024.1 icons

That’s it for today!

We need your feedback to make the new features even better. Share your thoughts on X (formerly Twitter), leave your comments below, open an issue in our tracker, or drop us a message in the #goland-gophers Slack channel. 

Happy developing!

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