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Please Welcome TeamCity Hub Plugin

This blog post is reposted from the TeamCity blog. Please post your questions, comments to the original post to address them to TeamCity team, which is working on the Hub plugin development. 

We’re very excited to announce that today we are releasing the first version of the plugin for TeamCity which provides integration with Hub.

The first version of the Hub plugin for TeamCity handles authentication via Hub and user details synchronization; so if you are already using Hub, install our plugin to enable single sign-on (SSO) and to automatically update user details from Hub in TeamCity.

The current plugin version is compatible with TeamCity 9.1.x and Hub 1.0.

Download hub-plugin.zip from here and install it on your TeamCity server as usual. After the server restart, the integration can be managed using the Administration | Hub Settings page.

Please refer to the documentation for the usage details.

We keep working on the TeamCity-Hub integration, and your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Happy connecting and building!

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2 Responses to Please Welcome TeamCity Hub Plugin

  1. Avatar

    Evgeni Pomnikov says:

    May 16, 2016


    I found download-plugin link onhttps://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TW/TeamCity+Hub+Plugin: https://confluence.jetbrains.com/download/attachments/65504157/hub-plugin.zip?version=2&modificationDate=1445590520000&api=v2. Does it support the latest Hub: 2.0.168?

    • Valerie Andrianova

      Valerie Andrianova says:

      May 20, 2016

      Yes, TeamCity plugin does support the latest Hub 2.0.x. Please let us know if you experience any problems.