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Hub Now With Customizable User Profiles

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Hub 2021.1 is starting this year off with a new customization feature, which allows users to add custom fields to user profiles. It also adds a set of authentication enhancements, like the ability to specify multiple domains that you can use to log in with Google authentication and PKCE (proof key for code exchange) extension support. Let’s look at these improvements in more detail!

Customizable User Profiles for Full-Fledged User Management

User profiles can now store additional information along with the usual credentials, full names, and email addresses. With the new version of Hub, it is possible to add custom attributes to user profiles, for example, to store a user’s phone numbers or job roles. Also, these attributes will be accessible from YouTrack workflows, which makes it possible to use workflow logic with users positions, phone numbers, whatever is in your users’ profiles, for example, you can restrict some actions to only the company CEO.

To manage the custom attributes, just navigate to the Users page and click “Manage custom attributes”. You will be able to add new fields of different types: email, phone, string, etc., or update the existing fields on the page. New fields will immediately appear on each user’s profile page.
Also, we are planning to enhance this feature in future releases by adding the possibility to automatically map Active Directory user attributes to these custom fields and by implementing filters for custom user attributes.

Multiple Domain Support for Google Authentication

Domain restriction for Google authentication allows instance administrators to limit who can create an account on the instance using their Gmail accounts. The most popular use case for this feature is to make sure that only users from your corporate domain, that is, only your colleagues, are able to create accounts in your instance.

However, sometimes one domain is not enough. Large companies may have several domains or sometimes need to invite an external user from a third-party company to their instance. To address this, you can now specify several domains that are allowed to create accounts on the instance in Hub.

PKCE extension support for OAuth 2.0 for more secure authorization

Proof key for code exchange (PKCE) is an additional protection code that further enhances Hub authorization flows. It was created to offer desktop and mobile client applications a more secure and robust sign-in experience and is now recommended by IETF (The Internet Engineering Task Force) among other OAuth 2.0 best practices. No additional configuration is required to set up PKCE. If the client supports it, Hub will happily play along.

For the full technical details about this release, please take a look at the Release Notes. The latest Hub version can be downloaded from our website. To learn more about configuring the new features, please refer to the latest documentation.

We truly appreciate all your feedback, so please share it with us in the comment section below. And of course, please get in touch with our support if you have any questions – we’re always here to help!

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