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Hub 2.0 Roadmap

Since we released Hub 1.0 last August, we’ve been working on introducing more cool features to it. Today we’re excited to reveal our plans for version 2.0, planned for Q1 2016. We’ve divided our list of features into the following groups:

  • Required features we won’t release the next version without all these features done.
  • Wanted features the features we really want to include to the next version. However, we won’t postpone the release to include them.
  • Nice-to-have features these are really optional. If we don’t manage to implement them, they’ll just have to wait until the version after next.

Required Features

  1. Backup functionality JPS-3052.
  2. Dashboard sharing DSH-48. You will be able create as many Dashboards as you want and share them with your team or any other users/groups. You may allow this group to update your dashboard or just share it for watching. Of course, you can view shared dashboards by your teammates.

Shared Dashboard


3. SAML support JPS-2395This feature will make Hub a SAML 2.0 IdP (Identity Provider). Hub will be usable for authorization to external services, Zendesk, for example.
4. Per-user service licenses JPS-2997. Hub will explicitly connect a user with a license to an appropriate service. License will no longer be calculated from the service-permission scheme. This feature helps avoid issues when connecting YouTrack and Upsource with different licenses to Hub, for example a YouTrack 100-user license and an Upsource 10-user license.
5. Feature usage statistics JPS-3112. We want to add anonymous feature statistics in order to monitor and analyze how the product is used by our customers, which features are the most popular, and etc. All data collection and use will be regulated by the JetBrains Privacy Policy.

Wanted Features

  1. LDAP support improvements JPS-2290.
  2. Enable users to add authorization details on their profile page JPS-942.

Nice to Have Features

  1. Release Hub as OAuth2 provider JPS-3030.
  2. Clone Hub project JPS-2135.
  3. More Authentication Providers Support:

We want your feedback on this roadmap as soon as possible, so please leave your comments below and share your thoughts. We’re planning to open the Hub 2.0 EAP program within the next month. Follow us on Twitter to always get the latest news.

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