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Hub 2018.4 is Released!

Hub 2018.4 introduces IdP-initiated SSO for SAML, a new setting for the GitHub auth module, LDAP Group Mappings, and other improvements.


IdP-initiated SSO for SAML

We’ve updated the SAML 2.0 authentication module to let you initiate single sign-on requests from the identity provider side.

Allowed Organizations for GitHub Authentication

A new setting for the GitHub auth module lets you restrict logins to members of specific GitHub organizations. If your Hub installation is accessible over the internet, you can let users who belong to your organization sign in with their GitHub accounts.


LDAP Group Mappings

You can now map groups from a directory service to groups in Hub. These configuration options are available for the Active Directory, LDAP, and Open LDAP auth modules.

For more information about this release, please check the Release Notes.

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