Tips & Tricks

Defining a Custom Quick List

Contributed by: Etienne Studer

When you press let’s say Alt + F1 in the editor, you can see the so-called Quick List, that is actually a subset of commands that are nice to have “at your fingertips”.
In IntelliJ IDEA, you can create custom Quick Lists and fill them with the commands of your choice.
For example, a Quick List with the most frequently used commands of your Version Control (e.g. Perforce) can be of a great help.
To define a custom Quick List:
1.   Click IDE Settings | KeyMap.
2.   In the Quick lists area, click Add.

3.   Choose commands you want to add to the Quick List.

4.   Now your list is added to the list of actions in the keymap, and you can assign a shortcut to it (just don’t forget to create your own copy of the default schema).

When you press Alt + F2 in the editor, you can see the Quick List of the Perforce commands.

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