JetBrains at Russian JUG in Saint-Petersburg

Tomorrow, March 25th, at 16.00, JetBrains will make presentations about IntelliJ IDEA and Team Server at Russian Java User Group in Saint-Petersburg. The JUG meeting will take place at “Rossiya” hotel. All the presentations will be in Russian.
1.   Dmitry Jemerov – “Team Server” (Сontinuous integration, release management, server-side code analysis)
2.   Mike Aizatsky – “Enterprise development in IntelliJ IDEA” (Covering version 6.0: EJB 3.0 support, migration from EJB 2.1 to 3.0, JSF visual designer, and more)
If you want to participate, visit
JetBrains also would like to remind you that if you belong to a Java User Group (doesn’t matter where), you can contact us and we’ll organize you give-aways to distibute at future JUG meetings. You will need to provide only the following info:
1.   URL of your JUG
2.   President/Organizer’s Name & Email
3.   Location/Country

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