JetBrains Team Server: public server launched

We have recently announced the EAP for our new solution – JetBrains Team Server (codenamed “Albus”).
You don’t need to download and install Team Server to get an overview of its features set. Take a look at the features which we have already implemented at the public Team Server.
Team Server: Build Status Overview
Currently the following features are available:
–  running, pausing, and resuming builds of different projects
–  viewing the test results and the project status
–  displaying the build status before the build is complete
–  reordering the builds queue using drag-and-drop
–  taking responsibility for the build failure
More features will be delivered soon. They are now discussed at the Team Server forum. Participate in the discussion and post your wish list of Team Server features – the Early Access Program is still in progress.
Read the Team Server FAQ and installation and configuration instructions if you want to try Team Server with your project.
See the development roadmap and suggest features at the Team Server space in Jira, and we eagerly wait for your feedback in this blog as well.

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