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How productive you are?

Even experienced users do not use the full functionality of their products. Sometimes they do not need it, but more often they simply don’t know about it. Of course there are lots of resources that can help you study the product (tips&tricks, demos, tutorials, etc.) But imagine that the IDE itself can tell you about the functionality you missed.
Well, IntelliJ IDEA can do such a thing (or a kind of it). It has Productivity Guide displaying the most productive IDE features, and statistics on how often you use it.
To open the Productivity Guide dialog, click Help | Productivity Guide.
Each feature has not only statistics info, but also the tip explaining what it is and how to use it. You will be surprised to see how many features you never used.
But it is not necessary to open this dialog every time you want to see what you’ve missed. During lengthy processes (like compilation, startup, etc.), IntelliJ IDEA can inform you about the productivity features that you never use or use too rare, and show corresponding tips.

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