One more acknowledgement of IntelliJ IDEA leadership

Yet another acknowledgement of IntelliJ IDEA leadership in providing the most intelligent Java IDE – this time from Yakov Fain, Enterprise Editor of Java Developer’s Journal. He states that “…this IDE outsmarts me big time… JetBrains folks did an amazing job”. To read the full story, visit Yakov Fain’s blog.
He also adds that “…If they’ll add a decent Swing GUI designer, this will be the only IDE to use”. Well, we are going to! That’s the one of the planned features for the Release 6.0. If you want to know more about the new GUI designer, just visit Dmitry Jemerov’s blog where Dmitry discusses the new designer’s features.

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5 Responses to One more acknowledgement of IntelliJ IDEA leadership

  1. Brian says:

    How about RoR support. That is the real reason I haven’t switched from Eclipse yet.

  2. Alexandra Rusina says:

    There is some free plugin for Ruby syntax highlighting. You can check it here (it also available through IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Manager)

  3. Alexandra Rusina says:
  4. Bondi says:

    > but there is more recent post about that…
    True, but they say it would be pretty simple to implement, so maybe other “companion companies” would do it.
    Maybe some sort of “bonus” or “price” from Jetbrains would encourage and convince others to bite the bullet and just do it.

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