Automate your Ant scripts generation

Making a product out of your project is usually a boring and time-consuming task: just think about all those build scripts, Java launchers, and installers. And it often takes more than a week to generate all these, then obfuscate your jars, and of course then comes maintenance.
The good news is that now you can easily generate Ant scripts that will make all these routine tasks for your IntelliJ IDEA project. The new product, BuildDesk, was released recently. Now all you need is to load your IntelliJ IDEA project, and BuildDesk will make a proper compilation and packaging, produce a multiplatform installer with a native launcher and obfuscated jars along with necessary Ant scripts – all in a less than an hour. Further maintenance is fun – what you used to fix for hours now will take minutes.
One more detail that may be interesting for IntelliJ IDEA fans is that all BuildDesk developers are former JetBrains employees that left the company to start their own business. So, you can expect to find the same level of usability and increased productivity in BuildDesk as you used to in IntelliJ IDEA. Just take a look at the BuildDesk demo.
And of course, BuildDesk will become an IntelliJ IDEA companion in the nearest future.
Got interested? Read more about BuildDesk, look at more screenshots, or download the trial right now.

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