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Team Server and IntelliJ IDEA presentations on Google Video

On March, 15th JetBrains made presentations on Team Server and IntelliJ IDEA at Google. The live video of these two presentations is now available at GoogleVideo.
Here what Alex Tkachman, JetBrains marketing director who also participated at the presentations, says at his blog:
” First talk is done by Dmitry Jemerov and dedicated to our new product Team Server. It is practically the same talk we did on JavaOne. The talk gives very good idea of what we are doing and how we see the ways to improve productivity of development team. It covers continious integration, server-side code analisis, collaboration and extensibility of Team Server. The talk dedicated mainly to the features of version 1.0 of Team Server but I think it gives good feeling where are we going.
The second talk “AJAX with pleasure” done by Mike Aizatsky. It is a bit compressed (because of time constraints) version of Mike’s talk on AJAX Expirience conference. The talk covers HNML/CSS/Javascript related funcionality of IntelliJ IDEA and shows how you can develop AJAX applications with real pleasure.
The whole video is about 1 hour 15 minutes long but I think it is interesting enough to find time to see it.”

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