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Smoothen HTML and XML editing in IntelliJ IDEA

When you open a tag, IntelliJ IDEA assists you by automatically inserting the closing tag. This is really handy and helps avoid certain errors, but when you are typing a text and, say, want to highlight a couple of words with bold, the </b> tag which is inserted just after <b> makes you press the right arrow several times to skip it so that you can continue typing.
To smoothen the editing, use CTRL+[ and CTRL+] keyboard shortcuts that let you navigate to the first character of an opening tag or to the last character of a closing tag.
IDEA Quick Tag Jump
In this particular case, when you are done typing text inside the <b></b>, press CTRL+] and then right arrow to get outside the tag. No matter how long it is (<em>, <font>, <strong>) you can leave it just in two key strokes and go on typing your code.
These shortcuts are also really handy for quick jumping through lengthy tags without folding them.

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