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Spring Bean Support

IntelliJ IDEA is aware of the Spring beans that are part of your project. If you apply Find Usages on a property setter method, for example Customer#setLastName(), and there is a Spring bean of the matching type and with the matching property being declared in a Spring XML file, IntelliJ IDEA will find it and will properly list it as a usage.

IntelliJ IDEA also respects Spring bean definitions during Safe Delete actions. On a side note, it does not make a difference whether Find Usages, Safe Delete, Rename Method, etc. are applied on the property setter method in the Java code or on the property attribute value in the Spring XML file.
You can also apply Goto Declaration (Ctrl-B or middle-button mouse click) on the name attribute’s value in the Spring XML file, for example on lastname, and IntelliJ IDEA will take you to the property setter method in the Java code.

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