Introducing BuildDesk – the New IntelliJ IDEA Companion Product

JetBrains is glad to announce that the family of Companion Products is increased with the new tool – BuildDesk.
BuildDesk is the solution that smooths the build process of your IntelliJ IDEA projects by automatically generating the build scripts based on the project structure.
The benefits you gain with BuildDesk are:

  • Your application builds are automatically generated
  • No need to repeat what you have already done in your IDE – BuildDesk reads directly from your IntelliJ IDEA project
  • Easy configuration of installation layout
  • An easy out-of-the-box byte-code obfuscation solution
  • Professional deployment of your application with native launcher and native installer for Windows
  • Generation of a native Mac OS application, and a “generic” version for any operating system
  • Intelligent analysis and highlighting of problems with your build

More information can be found at the BuildDesk Features page.

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