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Customizing IntelliJ IDEA

This post is on one hand a response to the comment about several plugins that add IntelliJ IDEA toolbar icons not functioning in the latest Milestone release and a short how-to about customizing IntelliJ IDEA toolbars and menus, on the other.
Say, I have a SVN plugin command (for example, Browse Repository) I want to be accessible through a toolbar shortcut. Here’s what I need to do:

  1. Open the Settings, Customizations dialog (CTRL+ALT+S then R shortcut).
  2. Click + to copy the default toolbar and menu schema
    Customizing IntelliJ IDEA - First Step

  3. Expand the Main Toolbar section and scroll down to the place I want the new button at.
  4. Click Add after
  5. Expand Plugins, Subversion Integration and locate the command I’m looking for.
    Customizing IntelliJ IDEA - Selecting Action
  6. Optionally specify the toolbar icon (a 32×32 PNG file). If it’s omitted, IntelliJ IDEA will use the fancy default icon for new toolbar command.
  7. Click OK to close all dialogs and here’s the result:
    Customizing IntelliJ IDEA - Final
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