JetBrains at SpringOne 2007

We’re very glad to announce the JetBrains first time as bronze partner at SpringOne, opening on June 20 in Antwerp, Belgium.

We will be really happy to see you at our booth where we’ll be demonstrating all the new features and improvements of IntelliJ IDEA 7 Milestone 1, natively supporting Spring and Hibernate with all its productivity-boosting feature set.

Our guys have prepared several live demos to show you what IntelliJ IDEA can do and are eager to discuss your suggestions, ideas, expectations and everything else which you’re thinking will make IntellIJ IDEA better. We’ll be happy to see everyone around, so even if you’re not familiar with what IntelliJ IDEA is, c’mon, just get there and have a look.

To get more familiar with Spring and Hibernate support in IntelliJ IDEA, watch this live demo

More information about Java EE and Web development support can be found on Main IntelliJ IDEA Feature Page

Additional info about Spring and Hibernate support is available at Milestone 1 Feature Page

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