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IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.x Helps Avoid Conflicts

In a team environment, it’s rather easy to run into a conflict of versions, when you are working on the same piece of source code. Now IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.x helps you avoid version conflicts, and keeps a watchful eye on the changes that you and your teammates commit to the repository.
Suppose you open a file for editing and start typing, without synchronizing your local copy first. If somebody else has already modified the same file and has committed changes to the repository, IntelliJ IDEA detects the newer version in the repository and displays a banner on top of the editor, suggesting you to view the differences between your local copy and the repository version of the file and update the file before proceeding with your changes:

Notification of an outdated version

To make this feature work, click the Refresh button button in the Repository or Incoming tabs of the Changes tool window at least once prior to editing.
Information about all the changes committed to the repository, but not yet checked out locally, is also available in the Incoming tab of the Changes tool window:
Incoming tab of the Changes tool window

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