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Creating Flex Applications with IntelliJ IDEA

We’ve got great news for those of you who were waiting for an easier way to create rich Internet applications with Adobe Flex using IntelliJ IDEA.

Many advanced features are supported by the upcoming version 7.0.3 that is already available throught the Early Access Program (EAP):

  • Smart code completion for MXML and AS files, with cross-resolution of code symbols between them, even inside of mx:Script blocks and attribute values
  • Automatic code formatting, highlighting and styling
  • On-the-fly code validation with instant quick-fixes
  • Code insections to hunt perfomance bottlenecks, bad code practicies and other problems
  • Rich set refactorings

We’ve composed a comprehensive tutorial, for you to quickly start over.

To get your hands on IntelliJ IDEA Flex experience, you only need:

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