The IDE battle of Genova

In ancient times, Genova was a place where mighty armies frequently crossed their swords in fierce conflicts to determine who would rule the city and the surrounding area. On 10th March 2008 at the Genova university the mighty armies of Sun, Oracle and JetBrains met in a friendly battle – a battle of Java IDEs. Thanks to careful organization from the JUG Genova people the event went very smoothly and more that 120 attendees checked out all three IDEs (NetBeans, JDeveloper and IntelliJ IDEA) side by side. Events like this one certainly help developers who care about the way they create software, to make qualified decisions about choosing the best IDEs for their projects. I really enjoyed presenting here, the audience was great, as was the whole event . I’d like to thank the organizers for preparing the event and the audience for being so responsive and enthusiastic. As always, in its long history, it’s Genova who won the battle. I’m glad I could participate.

This post is by Vaclav Pech – I’m just the messenger, since he’s now at the IDE Shootout in Rome :)

If you’re interested, Fabrizio Giudici posted a few good pics of the Genova event here.

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