Neal Ford Advises on Boosting Developer’s Productivity

Productivity is one of the key points to which modern developers pay strong attention. Listen to Neal Ford, the software architect at ThoughtWorks and a fabulous speaker, giving you some hints on improving productivity through the intensive use of keyboard shortcuts for carrying out various tasks while coding.

Neal tells you how you can become more accustomed with the shortcuts, get used to using them in the daily routine, and demonstrates the magic of different key combinations while coding with IntelliJ IDEA.

He also reveals some tricks behind such well-known IntelliJ IDEA features like Introduce Variable refactoring, Go to Symbol and Go to Class navigation, Expand Selection, Recent Files, Find Symbol Usages, and some others.

The Key Promoter plugin is also introduced to those who’s looking for a convenient way to resorting from using mouse and menu commands in the course of their work.

Watch the presentation directly from the No Fluff Just Stuff.

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