Get IntelliJ IDEA Refcard and Win a Personal License

We’re happy to inform you that DZone has published the IntelliJ IDEA Refcard.

According to their announcement, this refcard “…is a guide to becoming IntelliJ IDEA expert. Features include basics of navigating and understanding IntelliJ IDEA, Running and Debugging Your Project, Write Less Code, Hot Tips and more…”.

If you’re looking for a quick way to get accustomed with IntelliJ IDEA to improve your productivity, this refcard is definitely a helper.
We encourage you to download it, because we have 5 full-featured Personal IntelliJ IDEA Licenses that will be drawn among those who download the card during the first 5 days (starting from today).

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3 Responses to Get IntelliJ IDEA Refcard and Win a Personal License

  1. Avatar

    Alexander Vetter says:

    July 8, 2008

    Up to now I worked with idea as a student and to develop some opensource projects, but I have only a one year license for students. So it would be great if I can get one license.

  2. Avatar

    Helmut says:

    July 11, 2008


    thank you very much for the offer, I hope you can give away a license!

    I am currently using a 2-month trial version and I am in hope to get a version. My experience has been great so far, I really liked it. I am a student and have used Netbeans before.

    I will recommend it definitely.


  3. Avatar

    Shah Darshil says:

    July 13, 2019

    To be more genuine, the intellij idea is a great IDE for devloping their softwares.
    I have personally used the intellij idea IDE the community edition of it and belive me it’s the best IDE one can have for their basics and intermediate level of coding & the ultimate edition of intellij idea IDE is the best for the professionals as they can test their code directly from the through intellij.

    I have done all the basics programming in intellij and it has amazing shortcuts and mostly internal downloads for the tools. In short its a full packed package ie. All things in one.

    I will be so lucky if i won the official license/key for the ultimate edition to get me far way more a professional coder.

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