Meet JetBrains’ Release of the Year: IntelliJ IDEA 8

We’re proud to announce our release of the year: IntelliJ IDEA 8!

Our new and improved IDE is now faster, more stable, and more feature-rich.

The major release highlights include:

  • SQL support & SQL Query Runner
  • UML-like class diagrams
  • JBoss Seam support
  • JavaScript & Flex Debugger
  • FreeMarker & Velocity support
  • and much more

For more details jump right to the New Features page, or better yet, start experiencing a new level of productivity and usability today – download the fully-functional, free 30-day trial copy.

Keep developing with pleasure!

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11 Responses to Meet JetBrains’ Release of the Year: IntelliJ IDEA 8

  1. joe says:


    Could you please tell when the python plugin’s EAP will be released? Originally it was both on the tech road map and M1 feature list. Now I do not see it anyway. I was upgraded to 8 just because of the possibility that I can get python support as well

  2. Gerson K. M. says:

    Good job!
    When will the ‘Diana Bugfix First EAP’ be released?

  3. GeekyCoder says:

    This release is just plain awesome. Just when I thought IntelliJ has run out of gas, it invigorates itself with more breakthrough innovations. This release feels much better than IntelliJ IDEA 7. Congratulations!

    I’m expecting this release to support JavaFX eventually. Is there going to be support for Python?

  4. Erdinc Yilmazel says:

    Nice job! When can we expect the Python plugin that was announced earlier?

  5. gesh says:

    Congratulations on the new release! Any idea when the TFS plugin will become available?

  6. Marcus says:

    Could you please give an estimate of when the Python plugin will be available? It was one of the main reasons I upgraded.

  7. The Python plugin will be released during Q4, 2008.

  8. TangJiJun says:

    Wow!! Much better than Eclipse!

  9. Rudy Liu says:

    Congratulations on the new release! i like

  10. Rudy Liu says:

    Congratulations on the new release! i like it.

  11. lepoke says:

    It’s good! i like it~!

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