On-demand Tooltip for Values in Debugger

In Maia you can quickly look up a value in a debugger session by hovering your mouse over it (which is very handy for text values, for example):

When you need to browse through a large tree of values, this popup can be set to appear only after you invoke it.

The trick is that it is still viewable, but only when you hover mouse over a value holding the Alt key. Hitting Alt when the popup is open hides it — but that’s what you probably have already guessed.

There is also an option in the Settings dialog:

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4 Responses to On-demand Tooltip for Values in Debugger

  1. Is this just in maia? Most of your recent posts have proclaimed loudly that they were just about the new release, but this one doesn’t seem to say that.

  2. User says:

    most of recent posts relate to maia

  3. Yes, this is in maia. All posts tagged with “maia” are about the new 9.x release.

  4. Artem says:

    What build has this changes? In #10322 I can’t see this feature.

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