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5 Cool Shortcuts You Have Probably Never Tried

I’d like to tell you a bit about a bunch of cool IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts you have probably never heard of.
Ctrl+W/Ctrl+Shift+W When it comes to precisely selecting a value, expression, statement or any other block of code, these shortcuts are a real killer. Just try it to see how quicker it works than traditional Ctrl+Shift+NavKeys combo.

Ctrl+Shift+F12 This hides everything but the editor and so leaves you tête à tête with the code.

Ctrl+Tab, Delete Pressing Delete when Switcher is open (Ctrl+Tab) allows you to close arbitrary editor tabs and hide tool windows (available in Maia builds 10612 and later).

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up/Down If you are using Version Control integration, you gonna love this because so you can quickly navigate between changes in a file.

Alt+Home Summons Navigation Bar to an active window, so you can now hide it from under main menu and quickly use whenever needed. By the way, all the cool shortcuts (Alt+Insert, for example) work nice inside of Navigation Bar, which lets you create new files, classes, and everything really really quickly.

Hope this all makes development even more a pleasure!

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