Web IDE — IntelliJ IDEA for HTML and PHP Developers

Using IntelliJ IDEA on a daily basis, we’ve got used to its smartness while coding, and not only in Java, but also in XML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, whatever, even in plain text. But there are SO many of our colleagues out there who do not know how great this feels when you’re developing with pleasure. Why? Many reasons, like doing only PHP development, for instance.

Earlier this year JetBrains released its first specialized Ruby on Rails IDE built on top of the IntelliJ platform. RubyMine’s been a huge success and still going strong! But the funny fact is that developers buy it just to use its JavaScript and HTML editors. I kid you not!

Now, please welcome the new specialized IDE built on the IntelliJ platform: JetBrains Web IDE. (The name isn’t final yet.)

JetBrains Web IDE inherits all the functionality of the latest IntelliJ IDEA (MAIA) for editing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, working with VCS, SQL and more, plus adds advanced PHP support and other tools specific to web development.

Web IDE 1.0 will be available in Q4 2009 in 2 editions: Standard Edition and PHP Developer Edition.

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To read more about JetBrains Web IDE and participate in the Early Access Program, visit the Web IDE EAP page.

Naturally, all PHP-related features will be available for IntelliJ IDEA users.

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