Atlassian Codegeist IV

We wanted to let you know about Codegeist IV, the fourth annual plugin competition from our friends at Atlassian. Atlassian are giving away over $50,000 in prizes for the coolest, most useful, most elegant plugin or integration for any of their products. There are six prizes, each worth $5,000 in cash, and thousands more in software, conference tickets, and even a new MacBook!

In addition to a first- and second-place Best Plugin prizes, there are four specific categories for different types of plugins. There’s a category for Confluence Themes and CSS, for JIRA OpenSocial Gadgets, for the best use of Javascript, and for the best multiple-product integration. There’s something here for everyone, including several opportunities that go beyond traditional Java development.

Just a reminder: any plugin written or released since Codegeist III (May 9th, 2008), is eligible for Codegeist IV.

This year Atlassian will be announcing the winners live on October 21st at AtlasCamp, their premiere, developers-only conference in Half Moon Bay, California. You need not be present to win, but it sure will be more fun!

Atlassian has been working hard on their plugin development framework in preparation for Codegeist IV. They’re encouraging every developer, expert or newbie, to check out the new SDK, use it for your new plugins and give them feedback. It should provide a much improved method of building and testing Atlassian plugins.

You can use the Atlassian Developer Forums to communicate with your peers, find team-members, ask questions, and publicize your awesome new plugin. The Atlassian Developer Community is strong, and Codegeist is a wonderful chance to collaborate with other developers.

Check out the official rules and get your submissions in by October 9th!

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