Grails: extracting text from GSP to resource bundle

By user requests we have added functionality for easy extraction of GSP text to resource bundles. To do this you can select a text fragment, press Alt+Enter and choose the intention “Extract selected text to”:

I18nize String dialog will open:

This feature is available in IntelliJ IDEA X #98.231

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4 Responses to Grails: extracting text from GSP to resource bundle

  1. Tomas Lin says:

    As a grails developer, it’s awesome to how quickly the IntelliJ team responds to community requests. Great job and thank you, guys.

  2. Nice – very nice.

    Is something similar planned for Flex?

  3. Ruslan says:

    That’s awesome feature! Thanks.

  4. Ronny Løvtangen says:

    I don’t think it’s available in #98.187, but it’s available in #98.231 :)

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