IntelliJ IDEA 10 Released. New Decade of Evolution Ahead

It is December, and you were probably waiting for this exciting announcement to appear. So, here it goes!

IntelliJ IDEA 10 is ready for you to download it and enjoy the great new features in both free and ultimate editions!
Here is a summary of the key new features and improvements in this release:

  • Numerous enhancements to the UI and user experience, both in the editor and the IDE as a whole
  • 100% faster code indexing, and an overall performance increase
  • New code completion behavior with automatic invocation while typing
  • Android development support in Community Edition
  • Improvements for supported technologies & frameworks (Spring, GWT, Groovy/Grails, Flex/ActionScript)
  • Addition of Spring Roo, AspectJ and ColdFusion integration
  • Better support for DVCSs such as Git and Mercurial
  • Maven 3 support, new dependency diagram, POM refactorings
  • Integrated database table editor, and more.

We highly recommend you to check the what’s new in IntelliJ IDEA 10 page for more info and of course to download your edition of choice right away!

And last but not least, we thank all who followed the IntelliJ IDEA 10 Early Access Program and helped us with their invaluable feedback!

Develop with pleasure!
— IntelliJ IDEA Team

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