Early Access Program

IntelliJ IDEA 10.0.2 EAP build 103.14

This EAP contains two major fixes that are important enough to warrant a release slightly ahead of the weekly schedule. First of all, we’ve tracked down and fixed a very annoying problem which could cause lost characters when typing in the editor in a Subversion-managed project. Second, we’ve bundled a new application stub for the MacOS X distribution, which should be compatible both with MacOS X 10.5 and the latest Java updates for MacOS X 10.6.

Also, this EAP has preliminary support for storing Subversion credentials in Keychain under MacOS X; we’re still testing these changes, and you’re welcome to report your experience as well.

The build is available for the download on the IntelliJ IDEA 10.0.2 EAP page. You can also review the complete release notes.

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