You Track. We Host!

Would you like to use YouTrack with no installation or initial setup? That’s great because YouTrack Hosted Beta is now available! Join our beta testing group today and get:

  • 50 user accounts
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • FREE use until July 1, 2011

And enjoy all the benefits of hosted issue tracking with YouTrack:

  • Full YouTrack functionality + all new features
  • Daily backups
  • Import from other bug trackers using our Python Client Library
  • Automatic migration to hosted production
  • No-effort migration to standalone YouTrack using the hosted db backup
  • RESTful API for integration with third party tools

Get your hosted instance in 1 simple step

Choose your desired URL, give us your e-mail address, and we’ll send you the link to your personal, immediately available YouTrack instance so you can start tracking your issues in no time.

Get YouTrack Hosted Now!

Hurry, the number of the hosted beta instances is limited!

As with any beta version, your feedback is extremely important for us. Please use the following to tell us about your experience with YouTrack Hosted:

For any technical issues, please contact technical support.

Welcome to YouTrack Hosted!
JetBrains YouTrack Team

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7 Responses to You Track. We Host!

  1. Nathan Brown says:

    Is there any indication of what this service will cost once the free period ends?

  2. Gabe Hicks says:

    I second Nathan. The future cost is critical to recommending it within the organization.

  3. geekycoder says:

    Agreed with commenters. Revealing the cost of hosting is vital if the business is to use this service before they invest time, money and effort.

    Another great marketing strategy will be to free-host open-source project. That will give Youtrack credibility and enhance its track record. Over time, developers and business will grow to recognize that Youtrack is a great alternative to jira and likes.

    Is Jetbrains creating a product like mingle ?

  4. Dimitri says:

    Guys, I can’t register with my email (Please specify a valid e-mail address.), please look into it.

  5. What’s your email, exactly? Is it the one that appears on your profile?

  6. Pricing for YouTrack Hosted is coming soon. Please, keep an eye on our news.

  7. Hello Dimitri,
    Please contact us at if you still have problem creating YouTrack instance. Specify your desired URL and email address and we will create the instance for you.

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